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Optimize your performance and take the fast track to your goals with a custom-designed program delivered through our app, from anywhere in the world

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Classes are different every day and utilize minimal equipment. Your coach will guide you through a warm-up, teach you new movement, provide constant feedback, and make the right adjustments to give you the best possible workout FOR YOU.

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A 5-Week  program that incorporates functional bodybuilding movements. The concept of “time under tension” with tempo applications has numerous benefits.  You'll gain lean muscle, and a more resilient body, AND boost your engine.

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  3. BUILD - our "on-ramp" program
  4. WORK - you'll learn the fundamentals of fitness and start to see the results
  5. THRIVE - once you've established the groundwork, mechanics, and consistency, you'll be ready for anything life throws at you


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see what others are saying

I have been with THRIVE for 3 years which was previously called Crossfit 103. ( Pre Covit 19 ) I liked that I have at least 8 time slots during the day that I can go to a crossfit . They also offered core, gymnastics and weight lifting classes. I don’t like to rely on a friend to go to the gym and here I can go at any time and have a trainer and other members ready to work out. The trainers are always checking my form and pushing me to be my best. I can always discuss nutrition with any of the trainers, we share best practices and encourage each other. THRIVE has become part of my life and I am so much better for it. During Covit 19 THRIVE has been doing virtual workouts and they are keeping me and my daughter physically engaged and mentally fulfilled during these tough times !!

Craig Deitchman

Thrive truly is the best gym on the island! It is not only a gym but a community of people who support one another and want nothing but the best for each other. The coaches are so amazing and fully dedicated on guiding and inspiring each and every person to achieve their goals. Through out my time at crossfit I have really gotten to know the coaches and members on a personal level and it has been the best experience. These truly are people who want you to be the best you, you can be! I would recommend this gym 10000x over to anyone who wants to better themselves!! 😊

Madison Taylor

I signed up for thrive looking to get a “summer body” and man did this place change my perspective on life. (For the better) From the coaches to the members every single person in thrive has impacted my life in someway. They have become my favorite people to be around. You always have someone motivating you. Now my life revolves around living a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally. I owe it all to thrive. Once my family saw how hooked I was they wanted to try it out for themselves, and now they can’t stop talking about it. Come on in and check it out. You won’t regret it.

Nicolette Esposito

Been coming here for a little over a year and I can’t say enough good things from the coaches to the members. Joining thrive is not just joining another gym and becoming a member, it’s about becoming part of a community, coaches that motivate you, fellow members that push you to do things you never thought possible and best of all they don’t let you give up. We cheer each other on and want to see each other get stronger and be the best we can ! Come check it out you will instantly be hooked !

Samantha Meister

I highly recommend Thrive and Matt Gallo. I help gym owners and know a great one when I see it. Look forward to hearing about Thrive's successes!! 💪👍

Scott Hill

Best coaches great atmosphere very clean and the people become like your family. Wouldn’t go to another gym

Lorrie Gallo

Been going here for almost 2 years. Great classes and coaches fun environment highly recommend.

Michael Ansbro